Song of The Day - Monday - All The Rain and None of The Shine

Morning All!
Coming to you at a slightly earlier time this week because I'm back on the overtime shift. I hated everything this morning, it's so dark and my bed is warm.

I've had quite a fun weekend, Saturday we dragged ourselves out early to get the food shop done before the mad early Christmas shoppers decend apon it to buy their Christmas food that goes out of date before the 25th. We escaped unscathed to watch bad Christmas films and then get angry with how bad they are and turning over. We also got a little gaming in on Saturday too.  Blake raided the Steam sales for us and came out with £20 worth of games (well they'd be a lot more without the sale). 
60 Seconds seems to be quite fun in a morbid kind of way. 

Sunday was the day I didn't get out of my pj's until at least 12 o'clock. We watched 'cats and dogs' that was playing on bomarang, it was great to just relax Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon it was off to the inlaws house for a birthday tea for my mother in law. We ate chili and ate crispy creams while catching up with family and friends. 

Today I will be getting through my day a little at a time.  Watch this space today because I have a post coming out this afternoon that details what will be going on with the blog over December.

Thank you for reading, have a great Monday! 
Song of The Day: