Song of The Day - Monday - Monday Madness

Morning All!
The trains have turned out to be to total shit storm this morning. There has been a big accident near Sittingbourne station resulting in the closure of the station and trains delayed both ways. 
I hope the lady involved is ok and I my best wishes to her family.

I am currently on a Charing Cross train making my way to London and trying not to worry about being late for work, then remembering that it's work and I get extra time to daydream.

Halloween was brilliant and the costume making was not totally finished due to time restraints and drying time. My inlaws haunted house was amazing and this year they had a Frankenstein's monster that moved and made noise. 

This November I have talked myself into doing National Novel Writing Month. I am currently nearly one 2,000 words, but the goal is 50,000 words by the end of the month. Wish me me luck 
Here is a link if you want to try your luck.

Thank you for reading 
Have a Great Monday 
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