Song of The Day - Friday - And We're Back in The Game!

A Very Happy Friday!
I was actually able to get to my computer today so I could set my blog out properly. My darling Blake has been busy even though we also managed to get a lot of Fallout 4 in this week.  One of the cabinets is in the other seems to be slightly broken, my father in law is coming over to try and rescue it before we commit it to the dump.
I was in a really crappy mood come the end of the day yesterday. Blake let me choose dinner last night from the shop in an attempt to cheer me up, I also managed to get get some Ben and Jerry's ice cream out of the deal. We watched Doctor who since we are incredibly behind on the series, I'm hoping to get them watched by Saturday so I'm ready for the next episode. 

Nanowrimo went better on the word count but I still haven't hit the proper target yet. I am in the middle of structuring a new chapter. I will not hit the wall! 

Today's song was chosen because my partner was singing this at the cats.
Thank you for reading. 
Have a brilliant Friday and an Awesome Weekend! 
Song of The Day: