Song of The Day - Friday - More Delays

Happy Friday Everyone!
And A Very Good Morning! 
The Trains were delayed again this morning so I may be a little late getting into London today. Also everyone is being complete dicks this morning in the form of all having bags on the empty seats. Did your bag Pay for a ticket?  I didn't bloody think so! 

So yesterday I hit 10,404 words for my National Novel Writing Month challenge or Nanowrimo. This challenge has actually given me something to look forward to every day and helps the day go quickly. 

Since it's Friday I get to buy my lunch :-) 
What wonders wait for me today at lunchtime? I am definitely going to get something hot today because I don't think I could handle a sandwich on a dull cold day like this. 

I am looking forward to the fireworks display tomorrow, fingers crossed it goes ahead. I will be having a few friends over for food and games afterwards. 

Thank you for reading. 
Have a great Friday and an epic weekend! 
Song of The Day: