Song of The Day - Friday - Crap App Will I, Will I Be Famous

Happy Friday Everyone!
My body decided to wake me this morning with an epically bad stomach, so I am running on empty from loss of sleep and I need to get through this day quickly.

The new TV is up and running and it is beautiful, we tested by watching cartoons and playing Fallout 4.  The Amazing World of Gumball is colourful enough to showcase how good the screen is and the Fallout 4 was great to show how sharp it was. I am very pleased with our new TV and I am looking forward to hooking up the new sound bar and watch a film with lots of explosions and lasers. Star Wars it is.

I'm getting there with my Nanowrimo word count but I'm not sure if I am going to hit target by the end of November. I really am having a lot of fun with it and I am amazed with what I have done.

Thank you for reading.
Have an awesome Friday and an epic weekend!

Song of The Day :

Roses - Outkast