Song of The Day - Friday - Crap App and The Mystery of Black Friday

Good morning everyone and a very Happy Friday!
I found it particularly hard to drag myself out of bed this morning and the other half had to drive me to the station this morning because we left too late to walk. Now I am here on the train which happens to be a nice temperature for once.

I wanted to do some birthday shopping today but then I remembered it was Black Friday today and scrapped that plan immediately. I may be in the city where all the brokers and underwriters are and in my eyes don't really need discounts with the money they earn, but people are scary on this day and I do not fancy a trip to A & E just because someone wanted what I had. Why do we even have black Friday anyway?

Today my plan is to survive work, get home and eat Chinese for dinner (No not actually Chinese people but Chinese food). The other half is out over his brothers house gaming and I will be doing what I want while thanking which ever gods will listen.

Last night we went to see some friends, one of them has a kind of bar in his garage which is always freezing in the winter because there is no heating. By ten o'clock I insisted that we had to go home before my nipples turned into icicles and dropped off. It was a fun evening and we had a laugh but I have my limits when it comes to being cold.

Thank you for reading.
Happy Friday Everyone! 
Have a fantastic weekend!

Song of The Day:
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival