Lazy Saturday - Tea and Fallout 4

Happy Saturday!
Well we have been pretty lazy today apart from doing a food shop since there was no food in the house. We returned from Tesco unscathed and less angry than usual, I think we left at the right time before the hordes started ascending apon the shop.

Whilst we made our way around we did find the Christmas aisle and we found these rather horrified reindeer baubles. Hopefully the picture should be somewhere, I'm using the crap app for this. If not I will upload a separate picture in a little while.

Since getting home we had a big lunch, we have watched parts of of really bad Christmas films on Christmas 24 and True Christmas.  They made us angry in the end and ended up turning over to watch The Simpsons.
Blake has also been playing Fallout 4 whilst I have been heckling him.