Song of The Day - Wednesday - Ten Years!!

Happy Wednesday!
I'm off work today due to the fact that it is my 10th anniversary with my beloved Blake, yes the one that has a talent for smashing glass objects and doing silly things. 
It turns out we have been together for ten years and haven't killed each other yet (by accident or on purpose). We are celebrating the day by being very lazy because it is a horrible day outside, going to see a movie since we have free tickets thanks to Tesco club card and having a fancy meal that will feature probably a lot of wine.
My next 31 Days of Horror film will be up this afternoon so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Song of The Day:

Strange story to this song and why I consider this one of our songs (me and Blake).
When we were first together I used to get really sad when it was time to take me home after a weekend or a night out, Blake would change the words to this song to so it would make me smile and laugh. It is the faith No More cover because he loves the band and always had that CD in his car.

"I know it sounds funny but I just stand the pain, girl I'm leaving you tomorrow ....Because I have got to go to work."
We now live together now so he doesn't have to sing it so much any more but I still smile every time I hear this song.
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Have a brilliant Wednesday!