Song of The Day - Tuesday - I Remember When There was Sunlight

Good Morning Internet!
On the early train again today and feeling less fresh than yesterday, I'm hoping not to be bombarded too much this morning. I think I'm going to need the help of my good friend Caffeine today.

I got an early anniversary present yesterday from the other half, I have been wanting this PC game for ages and he got it on Steam for me. The game in question is City Skylines. I had a little play about with it for a bit but tomorrow I have a day off because it is our ten year anniversary so I will play some tonight. I also want to rewatch Sips 's City Skylines let's Play again for a little help.

Yes as I was saying it is Blake and my ten year anniversary tomorrow and we have the day off, we have opted to make each other cards and I am extra tired at the moment so mine is hilarious. We are going for a meal at some point and maybe a film but we don't have any plans other than that. 

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Have a Super Tuesday Everyone!
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