Song of The Day - Thursday - New Audiobook HOOOOOOO!!

Good Morning Everyone!
Another very late night last night, the other half had friends over for a recording of the Emotionally Fourteen Crazy Train podcast. Blake had left his ipad in the bedroom with me while I was trying to sleep. His brother forgot his wallet so he rang to check Blake was still up. Unfortunately for me Blake's ipad is connected to his phone so it rings when his phone rings for some reason but it woke me up and then it rang again as I was kind of getting back to sleep, apparently his brother rang to tell him he was now outside. This was the point I went downstairs to throttle him politely and maybe insert it into his rectum.
Apparently he forgot that the ipad was still upstairs. Sure!

I also watched The Semi Final of Great British Bake Off last night, I had A Lot of chocolate night and could see through time by the end of it and I am kind of sad that it is the last episode next week. What will I do on Wednesdays now!?

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Have a Great Thursday Everyone! 
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