Song of The Day - Monday - Feck Me!

Morning All!
Well I'm having a delightful morning so far I really am! Up early for a work meeting, train decided to Start to leave early and I fell down the station stairs trying to get to the train because you know it should have not been leaving yet. I have a very sore knee now and no seat because it's an early train and everyone in existence is on it.

So yeah I hate everything at the moment. 
I have also scuffed my new shoes. 
Sorry about the down time Thursday and Friday I have been travelling to a wedding and of course celebrating it, then of course travelling back. It was a wonderfully awesome few days and I am kind of sad to be back from the New Forest and back to work now. 

I have had quite a bad cold over that time and still do, which is not helping with my misery this morning because I think it's moving to my chest. I hope I am not work is not to mean to me today. 
I spent the weekend sleeping, watching various a screens, drinking scary amounts of tea and lemsip and wondering when this cold will go away.

Thank you for reading my blog, please feel free to let me know if you like it. 
Have a great Monday! 
Song of The Day: