Song of The Day - Monday - Busy Monday Train

Morning All!
It's Monday again but I'm back on the normalish shift again. It was nice being home early but I'm glad I don't have to do that everyday, being up at half 5 every morning is a bit of a killer. 

I've had quite a lazy weekend to be honest, it's the other half that has been busy. On Saturday we had a lazy day watching TV and playing games, in the evening he went out to play a game of hero klix. I pretty much carried on with the Halloween costumes and watching Doctor who. On the Sunday Blake was off to a war gaming and miniatures conversation in Crystal Palace, yes they do exist. I ended up building a bunker in the Sims 3 because it just turned out like that, I watch to many post apocalyptic films and I am really looking forward to Fallout 4 in November.  
Then that evening Blake and his band had a gig, I will have a coverage article up either today or tomorrow. 

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Have a Great Monday! 
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