Song of The day - Friday - Double Seat!

Happy Friday!!
We have finally got to the end of the week!
We just have to get through this day and then I can sleep while you lot do more exciting things, yes I am super hard core.
Today is my last over time shift probably for a few weeks so I will be getting up at a later time so the blog will back to being posted at it's usual time. 

Last night I watched another film for my 31 Days of Horror challenge and that film was 30 Days of Night, even my cat Leia watched it so watch this space for later today. 

I really haven't had a very eventful week apart from my anniversary because I have been just super tired getting up before the sun is awake, my blogs should be more interesting next week.....Hopefully.
Fingers crossed I get through this day unscathed.
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Have a super awesome Friday! 
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