Song of The Day - Friday - 10,000 Views

Good Morning All!
My little blog has now reached 10,000 Views! Exciting stuff!  
Thank you all for reading! I will try and do a special celebration post today.

Well I finished the Scream tv series, it was so good that I now want something else to feel the void. What series should I watch next? I do have a hankering to watch Gilmore Girls again and Charmed, we may be getting a new series of Gilmore Girls fingers crossed.

This weekend I am going to raid all the shops of their Halloween supplies, start on the front garden decorations (this year's theme is Spiders), celebrate my brother in law's birthday through the ways of Star Wars and freak out that I only have a week left to finish Halloween costumes. 

Thank you for reading. 
Have a brilliant Friday and an Awesome Weekend! 
Song of The Day: