Song of The Day - Wednesday - Back in Action!

Happy Wednesday!
I am back to work and I am so glad I only have 3 days to get through.
On the good side this arrive the other day ready for my commute.
I am so very excited to get into this book! This is the 9th book in the series, go to Seanan Mcguire for info on her series and other stories.
So yes I am back in action after a day of recovering from the amount fun I had at the wedding on Monday. My sister in law looked awesome in her beautiful dress and she looked like she had fun wearing it.
Yesterday was a day of sitting on the sofa with a huge blanket, drinking a lot of tea and watching cartoons. I am back to work today and I am amazed how many people are on this train this morning, there really was a lot of people on holiday over the summer holidays. I am still mega tired this morning and may have to purchase something mega caffeineated to resolve this.  Don't forget about Bake Off tonight, I will be live tweeting along with the show as usual using #GBBO 
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Have an very happy Hump Day! 

Song of The Day: