Song of The day - Wednesday - The Wheel Has Turned

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!
The rain has seemed to gone away for a little while and the sun's back today. It's the first day of autumn today, that means it's official time to talk about Halloween all the time! The trees are starting to turn and drop their leaves, that is so pretty when all the colours are together.

I had to run to the station again this in order to make sure I renewed my ticket before my train turned up. I'm all Paid up for the week now until payday where I will got back to a monthly ticket. The joys of being grown up. 

Last night was spent tidying the house, discussing Halloween costumes and watching Stuart Lee on Netflix. My partners costume is going to be a bit of a big build this year and I have already written a shopping list that takes up one side of a notepad page. Mine will be a little easier this year but will consist of lots of fake blood, I did something Fairly tame last year (I was a fortune teller). I will need to raid the charity shops in a wide area of where I live but I probably will come away with what I need. Oh I do love costume making. Anyway I'm off to do some costume research, have a nice day. 

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Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday! 
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