Song of The Day - Wednesday - Silverfish

Happy Hump Day!
I am off work for the rest of the week and back Wednesday.
Blake had a bad dream about me being angry at him because...... Yes wait for it..... Because he had managed to cover his new suit for the wedding in Silverfish of all things. Why silverfish?  Blake has a history of having really boring or really stupid dreams and this one has moved to the top of the pile along with the other one about a "Bring Your Own Pirate Night". In which he started talking in his sleep about it and my only response was "No!" because I really didn't want to Wake up. My other half makes me want to despair sometimes.
Plan for today is try and Get BabyMetal tickets (try), take the kitties to the vets to get their boosters and then probably be hated for the rest of the day and then finally we will probably be lazy and play computer games or watch films.
We are currently back in bed after changing the cat litter and putting the rubbish out for the bin men.
We are drinking tea and watching cartoons (League of super evil) as you do.
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Have a brilliant Wednesday!! 
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