Song of The Day - Tuesday - Concussion Anyone?!

Good Morning!
I couldn't get to sleep last night because my partner was snoring like a giant Kodiak bear. 
Let's see how today pans out shall we?
..  ................ ......  ................. 
.... ... Well it seems that I had jinxed myself by writing that. When I went to plug the iron in by the fireplace, as I came back up I managed to hit my head on the pointyish part of the cast iron fireplace. I don't think I have a Concussion but I have never had one before, I know I have a headache and wish I never got out of bed this morning.

Anyway last night we had oven pizza, watched Stuart Lee on Netflix and had a GU millionaires dessert. We watched the yogscast playing GTA 5 and when the Kodiak bear went to sleep I watched Joe Suggs and Caspar Lee videos because I couldn't get to sleep because of the bear's snoring. I did laugh quite loudly and that still didn't wake up the bear. 

I was running late to the station after the whole denting my skull on a cast iron fireplace, it took me a while to recover and stop swearing. I am hoping that I haven't damaged myself since I am now on a train heading for London, prey for me to any way you can that I don't die in the middle of Lloyds of London on my scanner. 

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Have a fab Tuesday!  
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