Song of The Day - Tuesday - One Day Week!

I'm on holiday for the rest of the week after this day!
And a crappy day at that! 
It looks like the season has turned into autumn now, we shall be lucky if we get anymore super hot days which is sad because I love the summer. 

 Halloween is coming!
Halloween is coming! 
Yes, I do love Halloween!
Let's see how many days my other half tells me before the Halloween party what kind of costume he wants. Last year it was A Sharknado for him and gypsy fortune teller for me.
It also makes me angry the fact that there are Christmas stuff in shops already (I saw them back in August), Halloween hasn't even had a look in yet. Being in the UK passes me off sometimes because of it's low key celebration, In America you lot get to have a lot more fun.
I am so jealous!

The weekend went very well and the father in law's birthday party went very well. The partner had too much fun and spent the day getting over his partying in the form of looking grey and sleepy.
I did drag him out in the evening to see my mum and my sister, the poor love got through it.
He did get to eat dinner and watch cartoons when he got home, I'm not a slave driver.

As the title says I am only working one day this week and have rest off, I'm not back until the Wednesday after. The wedding is next Monday and we are travelling down on the Sunday. It's going be a busy few days.
For the rest of this week I will be baking, playing video games, Catching up on my writing and having naps. 

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Have an awesome Tuesday! 

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