Song of The Day - Tuesday - It's Raining Sideways!

Good Morning, it's a very soggy Tuesday.
I have my very snotty partner with me this morning, he is off on a course in London so I get to have Mr sniff next to me for the next hour. I love him really! 

It seems the rain is not letting up completely even though I can see blue Skys. My shoes for work have been completely and utterly destroyed and I have had to wear my trainers. I have my work shoes in my bag and I am going to try and glue them together just in case. 
Yes I have gone through another pair of shoes again. 

Last night I had to get my train from Blackfriars station because of signaling problems at London Bridge (I don't even get my train from there, I get it from Cannon Street), I left work earlier because if I didn't I would be getting home a whole hour and a half later. So instead of 19:08 I would be home at 20:30 and that really didn't sit with me. So I rushed to Blackfriars hoping I'd get a seat, only to find find out that the train had no conductor and we had to wait for him to get here because his bosses hadn't told him he had to be here.  I'm looking at you southeastern rail!! So we arrived 20 minutes later than we should have and it was pissing with rain. When's summer back? 
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Hope the weather doesn't spoil your Tuesday.
Song of The Day:

I was really wanting this song today, I don't know why but who can't resist a bit of Cher?