Song of The Day - Thursday - Blue Skys HOOOOOOO!

Happy Thursday All!
Well that brisk run walk was not what I needed this morning. I was running really late this morning and ended up having to move faster than I thought I could in this reality and the next. I think I may have to have a nap now.
Bake Off is getting rather hard core baking wise, I can't wait for next week! 
This of course did leave me in the mood for baking and I ended up baking flapjacks (golden syrup, Honey, honey and Blueberry), late night baking occurs a lot at the moment. I can't wait for payday so I can buy more ingredients to bake with.
I have supposedly got a meeting after work this evening, I'm hoping it doesn't run to long I really am not in the mood to get the horrible charing cross trains if I miss the last Cannon Street train. Some strange and potentially dangerous people get on them in the late evening. 
I also want to have a little play on the Sims this evening. 
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Have an awesome Thursday! 
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