Song of The Day - Monday - Bloody Trains!

Morning all!
I was late to the station this morning, the other half was lovely and drove me down so I would still be able to get my train on time still. The Bastard trains are only bloody running horrendously late and I would have made it even if I had left late. I probably will be late for work now because we are crawling along like an overfeed caterpillar. 

This weekend was quite a busy one, we not only had friends to stay but played host to one of my friends stag do. They went on some sort of adventure day and then a went for a curry. Their final event was to come back to play video games while drinking and drinking games that corresponded with the games. Before they left that morning they has installed the most recent GTA on our ps4 and were trying to get through the game to unlock certain characters so they could play the game properly. As they left they jokingly said to me and his wife to be that we should unlock the game so they could use it that evening. We played the game for more or less the whole day and managed to unlock Michael and do a fair few missions, a lot of swearing at the TV happened that day. Did they play it after all that hard work I hear you say? Well no they bloody didn't the gits. 

On Saturday evening me and my friend the wife to be spent the evening at my on laws house. It was a charity evening, some people were playing Hero klix for charity and we were taking part in a quiz for Macmillian Cancer support. We also played concerquences which is basically Card against humanity before it existed. I think we raised about £200, my in law's put a lot of work into the evening so well done to them for raising money for a very worthy cause.  

Sunday was mostly spend playing games, drinking hot drinks, eating and playing games. I finally got to watch the second half of Doctor Who, Moffet is definitely doing it on purpose to drag up old events and pull at our heart springs. I was nearly in tears by the end of the episode. 

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Have a Great Monday, I hope you get through the day in one piece.
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