Song of The Day - Friday - Enter Friday, Exit Thursday!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Pretty happy that it's Friday after a long week, today is going to be a complete drag. I have been promised fish and chips, Dave Gorman's Modern Life is goodish and wine. I just need to get through today.

I was saved yesterday because I had got the day of the meeting wrong, apparently it's in October. Yes I need to start checking the dates properly when I get a meeting request, I just assume it's closer than that and prepare the inevitable.

I have another family birthday party this weekend, I bought a lovely gift from one of the lovely people on Etsy (I will put a post up later with a link to her page. 
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Have an amazing Friday and an Awesome Weekend! 
Song of The Day:

I want to watch The Jewel of The Nile now, thanks Billy.
For those who haven't lived here's the trailer until you can watch the film.