Song of The Day - Tuesday - Ham Meows

Good Morning!
My cat Jiji has now twigged that ham we use in our sandwiches for lunch tastes nice and now has a special meow for "give me ham human". She cried at Blake for at least 5 minutes before we gave in and let them have half a slice each. What can I say, the cats have got us trained. 
Jiji finished hers before her sister and then proceeded to try and eat Leia's ham as well. In the end I had to take the ham monster into the other room and shut the door while I ironed shirts for work. 
Cats really are arseholes and fluffy ones at that.
Last night consisted of ringing out my socks as I took them off, my shoes leaked during day and I had wet feedback day thanks to the shitty rain that was bestowed upon us yesterday. I made dinner and then wrapped myself in a blanket while I waited it to cooked, Regular Show was on so I watched that and sulked about the weather until Dinner had cooked. The mashed potatoes helped as well as an episode of Sword Art Online.  
Then it was time for a large hot chocolate in bed with yogscast videos and then a early night. I know boring! 
I will be doing some writing tonight since the other half is out over his brothers playing geeky war games. 
Today will probably be long because I have work to finish off and queries to sort, hopefully I will be able to sort them. 

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I hope you all have an excellent Tuesday! 

Song of The Day:

By request of the other half.