Song of The Day - Tuesday - One Day Down!

It's Tuesday Ha!
Good Morning Alll!
I'm ready to take on the day, feeling tired as usual but determined to get through this day.
I actually got to play some Minecraft last night, I thought I'd jump into creative mode. I then as you do decided I going to build an underwater city (a little bit like Rapture from Bioshock), this involves a lot of work because when you close the building up the water doesn't go away. It had to fill it up with sand to dry it out and now I think I will put ddown sand as I go so it will take less time. I also do eventually want to have a personal server so that me and my partner can build together and also a few friends too.
I didn't just play Minecraft last night, I started on next Monday's Musical article and had a look for ideas for new posts as well. The other half is out again tonight so it's more of the same if the disk defragmentation has finished by the time I get home tonight at around 7ish.
Anyway I hope you all have a great Tuesday!
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