Song of The Day - Thursday - RUN!

Good Morning All!
I had to run the last bit to the train station this morning, Blake decided it would be a fantastic idea to wash his hair when we were supposed to be leaving. I will have to flail him if he does it again. 

Well bake Off was exciting last night, I think the heat is getting to the bakers because there were a lot of slip ups in this episode. I really wasn't expecting Sandy to go last night because she was so good. Who will be next?
My dessert walk through will be up around the lunchtime period. It's simple but yummy!
It's the other half's dad's birthday on Saturday and his party on Sunday. I did buy his card the other day but we are going to modify it slightly for comedic effect. I will try and post a picture of it after the weekend.
Then the Monday after the bank holiday Monday it's the wedding and I am on bridesmaid duty (well Saturday to Tuesday really). 
It's all go! 
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I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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