Song of The Day - Thursday - Autumn is Drawing In

Good Morning!
I'm feeling a little delicate this morning, my stomach is very sore and I'd like nothing more than to curl up with a hot water bottle inside my pillow fort.
Instead I was slow getting up this morning and had to run walk down to the station, it's OK I had about 3 minutes to spare when I got there. My train friends had only just got to the spot as well.

Bake Off was great fun last night, my partner joined me and spent most of it shouting at the TV because he didn't understand what was happening. 
I didn't get to have my banana bread because I didn't feel I could eat it after my dinner, I will try some tonight if I feel up to it.
I have an article out in the lunchtime period today, feel free to check in about 1:30pm today for that and then later video of the day.
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I hope you all have an epic Thursday, don't let the gloom ruin your day. 

Song of The Day: