Song of The Day - Monday - I'm Awake, What More Do You Want!

Oh the joy of Monday has come once again!
Well I actually slept pretty well but I still wake up tired on.  Monday I think it's something to do with getting up early and that's something I don't do if I can help it on the weekend.
So Friday was lots of baking in readiness for my sister in law to be's 30th birthday / Swiss national day.
Saturday went pretty well and there were much wine to be had. We had lovely food and it was great to see friends and meet new ones.
On Sunday we went to see my Mum, we sat out in her new back garden and enjoyed the sun. My Mum's pets joined in appreciating the sun, ziggy the cat was sunbathing under the bench, Molly and Taz the dogs taking up various laps. 
Then we swung by Hempstead Valley shopping centre to pick up a few bits, we found the restaurant section and decided to grab a milkshake from Dean's Diner while we sat in there outside seating area. 
Mmmmm apple pie milkshake!
In the late afternoon we drank big drinks with lots of ice, did the washing up together (yes we don't have a dishwasher, yes we want one), had a lovely dinner and watched a film in bed. Rock and roll I know. 
I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

Song of The Day:

I've had this song stuck in my head all weekend, so I had to pass on my brain itch to you lot.