Song of The Day - Monday - Gaaaaah!

Morning All!
It's horrible and wet today! I really do hate the rain!
As usual with Monday I woke up late and today had to run in the rain to the station, I am wet and hot and steaming up the window in the train next to me.
The weekend was centred around video games mostly and of course baking because we hand friends round yesterday. You will see my baking results either this evening or tomorrow it depends on how motivated I am today. Being that it's Monday I'm not very.
Lots of house work was done so I don't feel so bad about playing the Sims a lot this weekend and Minecraft.
Sunday we played mortal kombat, rocket League, nidhog, ate pizza and baked treats.
Gosh it's horrible outside :-/ I hope this doesn't continue all day. I hope that little heatwave over the weekend isn't it for the summer.  
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Hope you all have a great Monday and keep dry.

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