Song of The Day - Monday - The Day My Phone Kersploded!

Morning Readers!
Yes it's Monday and I hate everything!
At the moment it is my phone, it has decided to incrypt itself so I get to go for a trip to the phone shop tonight. 
While it's in the phone hospital I may only be able to do short blogs because I can only write them in the morning before I leave. It does suck that I can't write on the train this morning, maybe the phone shop men will be hind and let me have an early upgrade without charge.
Hopefully it's not a banana.
I've had an epic weekend of Hen parties and 5 year olds birthday garden parties. It's interesting watching a small child run around like a grey hound when you've only had 3 hours sleep, I was not hungover though. So I proceeded to drink a few white wine spritzers in which made me even sleepier. 
So today I will go to work with a mobile phone that does not want me to use it so I can go straight to the phone shop and beg the phone men to give me either another phone, fix it or give me an early upgrade. What do you think will happen?
I know it's like a choose your own adventure book, read tomorrow to find out if your choice wins.
Song of The Day:

Yes it's an angry Monday song.