Song of The Day - Friday - Finally!

Good Morning Everyone!
Another sweaty brisk walk to the station this morning, we went to see friends last night and the other half didn't get the hint when I wanted to leave at 11:30. Didn't get to bed until about half 12ish, Friday second wind is in full effect today. 
My train was cancelled last night so I got to wait for the next train, I really did dread the rush for the next train but fortunately my carriage didn't turn out to be to busy.
The views of my blog was quite epic yesterday, thank you all for reading. :-) 
I am attempting to put a lot more out for your reading pleasure and I have had fun writing my recent posts. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message using: 

Hope you all have an excellent Friday and an epic weekend! 

Song of The Day: