Apple and Custard Pudding - My Bake Off Dessert

I ventured out to make a simple but yummy dessert. 
I got this idea from the restaurant at work, my topping is a little more flashy though.
I took some oats in a bowl with chopped apple (Pink Ladies), cinnamon and golden syrup. I mixed them together and then microwaved the ingredients for 1 minute. This warms the syrup and makes it easier to cover all the oats.
I spooned the mixture into a rimmed baking tray or cake tin and baked for 30 minutes at 200c.
Once out the oven I loosened the mixture so it turns into a crumble.
The next stage you can either you shop bough or home made.
I spoon the apple sauce into my dessert bowls (stewed apple would be nicer but I was unable to do that today).  I also want to add fresh apple to give the bottom layer more of a crunch.
Then layer the custard over the top of the apple. ( Fresh custard preferably or freshly made from scratch is better).
Then I add my crumbly apple flapjack topping to the top of the dessert.
As I said this simple looking but is very nice.
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