Song of The Day - Thursday - Yesterday's Epic Fail

Hello Everyone!
I'm alive!
I had an epic fail yesterday and it wasn't very nice. I get to work and everything was fine, I got to my first desk of working ok and got through most of the morning ok but my head started throbbing. I went to boots and being cconscious of how much money we didn't have until payday.
I got a cheap pack of ibrofen and went to get my lunch. I ate maybe a 3rd of my lunch and took the tablets, which didn't work and actually made me so much worse. I couldn't stop shaking, I was really hot and sweating, got some ice to try and cool down, every time I got to hot I felt like was going to vomit. All that fun!
I asked my supervisor to go home because it was evident that I could not stare at a screen for the rest of the day. 
No trains from cannon st, no trains from London Bridge, Victoria it is and the worst tube journey I have ever had. I kept having to ice myself while on the tube to stop me from decorating the tube train floor with my small amount of stomach content.
I got a train home managing to ice myself to a point where I could sleep, it was still a horrible journey. 
I walked home enjoying the non hot air and got to my door when I discovered I didn't have my keys. At that point I almost cried and sat outside my door trying not to bring on another wave of needing to vomit, I couldn't bare to walk back down to the town centre since I was feeling this bad. My neighbour came to me rescue since she was going to the station anyway and picked up the house keys from my otherhalf at work. 
My evening.involved sitting in a dark room with lots of water and kind of watching Diy Sos on the tv.
I must of slept well because I'm feeling a lot better (fingers crossed) and I hope to work for the whole day this time. Wish me luck and have a great day!

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