Song of The Day - Wednesday - We're Getting There!

I'm Alive ....... Well Just.
Happy Hump Day everyone!
What a wet day it is as well. 
I still have cramps and I am hoping to get through this day in one piece. 
I spent most of the day in bed, I'm not going to tell you about the other part because that is just too much information. I put on a scooby doo film for some background noise so I could doze, the house is too quiet sometimes.

I also think I'm infected with whatever the sick lady had last week when she actively seeked me out to sit next to me on the train 3 days in a row. No matter where I sat on the train she found me, coughing everywhere Without her hand over her mouth and being snotty. I just 
couldn't get away from her.

There will be a 'Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard' this afternoon. 
Song of The Day: