Song of The Day - Tuesday - Diets and dresses

Hello Everyone! 
I'm so glad Monday has gone!
Have been getting into the healthier eating at the moment because I have 3 Weddings to go to this year, I am a bridesmaid for one of them and I want that lovely dress to fit. It would be nice to by a new dress for the other weddings. 
I also want to lose my weight because I don't want it to affect my health more than it is.
When you get on the train I understand that most people want to get a seat and sometimes you have to get in there quickly before someone else does. A woman nearly sat on me as she jumped onto the seat, Some people never learn. 

Pancake day!!!
We are having pancakes tonight which will be nice, not to many though because they can be very fattening. I think I may actually have some golden syrup in the cupboard this year!

Hope you all have a fantastic day!
Enjoy your pancake day.

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