Song of The Day - Monday - Where is my snow!?

Morning All!
I am a bit disappointed with the current weather situation at the moment. 

Do You Want to Build a Snow Dick?

It is still bloody cold this morning though. and nd my sinuses really hate the cold, I'm in so much pain right now! 
We had an epic film and gaming weekend. We watch 'The Punisher' the one with Thomas Jane in, 'Saving Private Ryan' bebecause I had only ever seen the beach scene when I was at school in my history lesson and finally 'A Million Ways to Die in The West' which I had seen before but I have a lot of time for Seth Mcfarlane. I will do proper reviews when I get some free time this week.

With the gaming side of things Blake completed 'Assassin's Creed Unity' on Sunday and I have found two more islands in 'The Sims 3 Island Paradise' i do like a challenge and apparently that challenge includes punching sharks. 

Song of The Day:

Listen To Your Heart - Roxette