Song of The Day - Friday - Let's Do This!

Happy Friday All!
Welcome to almost weekend day!
OMG?! Is that sun?!!! A sunny Friday for a good start to the day. 

So happy Friday 13th everyone, what bad luck are you expecting today?
My day has gone off without a hitch so far, my train being late is out of the ordinary. So far I am doing fine. 

This weekend I'm going to see The Kingsman, Fifty Shades can suck my non existent balls. If I want to watch films about sexual torture I'll watch port. I get all the sex scenes I need from horror, Sci fi and action films (Underworld 2). 

I hope you all enjoy your Valentines weekend,  single or not do something you enjoy with someone that is special to you (they don't have to be a lover). Don't buy too much rubbish from the card shops because once the day is over  it will just sit there unused. 
Try making your own card, cooking a meal together and watching a newly perchased film at home (drinking games optional ;-) ).

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Song of The Day: