Song of The Day - Friday - Crap App Friday

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Friday To You All!
I have not had much time this morning to sit at my computer, so it's back to the crap app today.
Well I had a fantastic evening last night :-) I went to see a production of   'Return to The Forbidden Planet' at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford. The actors and actresses could not only sing, they could dance, act (hopefully a given) and play instruments all at the same time.
It was so much fun and I was crying with laughter within the first 10 minutes,  it was a perfect evening to start off the weekend. If you live in Kent I deeply recommend you go see the show or find out where they are performing next because you'll be sad to miss it.
This weekend sees the first of the years Bad Movie Nights and I fear what my father in law will pull out his cupboard of Doom. Also since it's the start of the new year I will be supplying the healthy snacks due to the usual I want to lose weight thing we all do at this time of year.
Now let's get through this day and kick off the weekend.
(Note: I have gone back and edited it so it looks a bit better)
Song of The Day:
Puretones - Addicted To Bass: