Song of The Day - Friday - Do you wanna build a slush man?

Good Morning Everyone and a very Happy Friday!
Last night's attempt at snow was an epic fail,  let's hope it gives us some proper stuff over the weekend!

I have been crappy over the past week and I didn't post the last couple of days so I apologise for that. I'm still feeling horrible but it's Friday and that means I only have to put up with work for the rest of today and I can watch films all weekend.

I also apologies for the layout of this post,  I ran out of time and had to do it on my phone app. Yes it really does suck doesn't it!? You'd think they would have designed an app that actually gave you the ability to post things the way we want them. *sighs* Anyway have a great day and an awesome weekend!

Song of The Day :

Epic Frozen Medley - Peter Hollens Feat. Colleen Ballinger: