The Rules of Horror Movies

Most modern horror movies follow a pattern of rules that usually helps eliminate cast members in there respective roles.

Scream 1-4 and Cabin in the woods are great way of learning the rules if you don’t know them.

1)    Don’t have sex or you will die.
        2)    Don’t drink/do drugs or you will die.
    3)    Do not go into a dark room alone.
                  4)    Don’t say “I’ll be right back”, “Lets split up” or “Who’s there?!” because you will
 die a horrible death.
And then there are the additional ones that have be added over the years.
5)  Do not answer the phone.
6)  Don't go to investigate the noise.
7)  Always check the back seat.
8)  Don't go down into the cellar/basement.
9)  Just keep away from corn fields all together.
10)  Hidden doors are hidden for a reason.

That's all I could come up with, what are your rules to surviving a horror movie?