Eurogamer 2014 - My Day

10:00am - We enter Earls Court
I always love to see the groups of people outside of Earls Court, it gets me really excited for the day.
As soon as you walk into the main room you are hit by all the sights and sounds. Cosplayers, gamers, school trippers, press, small companies and large.
There were many Destiny competitions and on the PS stage they had a group play under time limit.
Assassins creed ads just got serious.
Here is what the whole hall looked like:
I really loved Little Big Planet 3, Mortal Kombat 10, Far Cry 4,
Alien Isolation and The Escapist. 
I love the PS lights, if only my house was big enough.
Please check out PlayStation Access, I love them and they make me laugh a lot.
My partner and friend trying their hand at the shakers.
Lego Batman!!!
Me and Sack Boy