A to B: A Journey in Pictures

Gillingham To London
I travel back and fourth everyday and I see a lot of interesting things on my way to work. I would like to share my journey with you through pictures.
Leaving work in the morning I see this huge church nestled on the corner of the road. I'm not sure how old it is but I always love church windows.

Next up is Gillingham Station, it used to look much older and warn out when I was younger but now the it looks slightly space age.

The platforms are long and most winter days can be very cold when the wind picks up.

Rochester is always the most beautiful towns of Medway I always love to watch the buildings, cathedral and castle go by.
Rochester Bridge is a short nip from the high street and the train always clomps over the bridge clumsily. Most local commuters know when to wake up when they here that sound.
As the train crosses the bridge over to Strood you can see an old submarine looking like it had better days.  

Here is another church that fairly close to the tracks that is certainly very old. On the other side of the tracks is a car garage that usually has black and white cats sleeping on it. It has become a daily sport for people travelling on that line.
Medway Valley leisure park can be seen from the train, the tracks are above the park.
Medway Valley Bridge is always a sight from the train especially coming home cause you know you are so close to being home.
We then leave Medway all together and find ourselves whizzing by many different stations on the way.
The building to London Bridge station soon comes into view and we see many different size and shape buildings.
The Shard can be seen looming over London Bridge station. On days when it is very clouding or raining the top cannot been seen and make a amazing sight how the building disappears.

London Bridge is commonly confused by tourists, Tower bridge is the one they are actually looking for. London Bridge has cool lights at night that change through all the colours.

Tower Bridge, the bridge all tourists want to photograph and what they think about when you visit London.

Monument to the Great Fire of London is just a stroll away from London Bridge, Tower Bridge and Cannon Street. Monument Tube station is situated right next to it.

Leadenhall Market is just up the road from Monument and I walk through here every day to get to Lloyds of London.
This is the latest instalment of artwork at the market and I love it.

The entrance to The Leaky Cauldron is in Leadenhall Market and I see a lot of people taking pictures of this every day.
Lloyds of London is a very large place of business and home to the insurance market of England. I spend most of my day working within this building.
Just down the road you can find the original site to the Lloyds Coffee House which now has a Sainsburys standing in it's place.
St George's Yard is a place I tend to sit in the summer at lunch and before work it the weather is good.
Here are some flowers in the yard.

And Finally here is my base of operations, I love this building it reminds me of a Victorian greenhouse or conservatory.