Song of The Day - Wednesday

It's Wednesday and we only have 2 days left to the week after we've ploughed through this one.
My wisdom teeth are still a huge ball of pain and will probably remain so until they are pulled.
In need of cheering up last night my partner and I watched  Groundhog Day last night, you can never go wrong with Bill Murry and my grumpy mood was cleared.

The horror of being told by the dental receptionist that there are no NHS appointments for 6 weeks.
I will have to rethink, look at my bank balance and get back to you.
So this morning the train was mega packed because SE decided to cancel the Canon street train before. I did managed to find a seat next to a big guy that had the leg span of two seats, I did have to sit down and make him move his poor legs.
Song of The Day:

I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher