Song of The Day - Tuesday

Sad Tuesday Everyone!
Mr Robin Williams has passed away :-(

What an awesomely funny and great actor.
I will be continuing my celebration of Robin William's life in my next post.

Lots of tea will be drunk and other forms of caffeine.
Our car is currently waiting repair and as well as walking to the station I walk back after travelling back from London. You may say that doesn't sound to bad but it's the fact that I need to lose weight and I am not used to it, plus walking back in up hill. Also I am forcing myself to do it anyway because it's good form me.

I watch 'Daylight' last night before bed and I am not ashamed!

Song of the Day:
Friend Like Me - Disney's Aladdin
I chose this in honour of Robin Williams, this is the first film I 'saw' him in and he will always be Genie to me.