Song of The Day - Thursday

Welcome to Thursday Everyone!
Why isn't it Friday already?!
Also what is with the weather this week?
 After walking back from the train station last night I turned up to find my cat Leia hiding under a weed in my front garden and I thought to myself how did you get out here.
This is strange because we are currently testing them with going outside in the back garden to see if they like it. My partner had gone to a last minute band practice and not noticed Leia had sneaked out of the house. I think she must of not realized what she was getting herself into as he shut the door and left. I knelt down to get my keys from the bottom of my bag and saw a brown and cream cat bottom sticking out from under this weed that had grown by the front door.
Poor Leia was not only locked out but it must have rained and must of decided that was the better alternative.
Bloody cats!
Song of The Day:
Marry You - Bruno Mars
And because I'm obsessed with this video: