Song of The Day - Thursday

I Have Returned!
Good morning everyone!
Guess who is still ill. . . . . .ME!
Gotta love chest infections and colds at the same time.
I am back at work feeling like I should of stayed home.
Today I am mostly powered by lemsip and the sheer will to get home in one piece.

I will be going to the castle concert in Rochester in the weekend and I need to feel better for that, sod's law it will probably rain though.
If you ever get chance to go to The Castle Proms you really should go. You can bring chairs (they are supplied but they are fold out plastic ones), tables and as much food and drink as you can carry (There is food there you can buy and drink but it is probably expensive due to being a concert).
Song of The Day:
Bubble Pop Electric - Gwen Stefani