Commuting: A Commuters Tales

There is no lie that I hate commuting to work and back every day. My train supplier cannot go a day without without making me late and/or turning up late.
Here are a few daily fails from my fellow commuters.

"After a week travelling the JR Yamanote line, coming back to #southeastern is like stepping back a century. Heating instead of air con"

"#SouthEastern Question. What time does the 16.41 train leave the station? Answer. Who knows? The time is 16:45 at the moment."

"Mystery train on platform 6. May as well get on and see what happens. #Southeastern"

"Finally made it to #Canterbury!! Thank you @SE_Railway for possibly the worst commute ever!! #SouthEastern  "

"Day 4 on the trot you're late. What's today's excuse? The train has hayfever?? @Se_Railway #southeastern #jokers  "

When trians are early and on time people are sent into shock.

"Looks like we’re landing at CHX 2 mins early. And the heating wasn’t on. Amazing. #southeastern  "

"Right then #southeastern your trains better be running today. I dint get up this early to be lied to by a incompetent train company."

"Hold the press. #SouthEastern train pulls in to Battle station 2 minutes early, repeat EARLY. Never could get the hang of Thursday!"

And finally here are a few tweets from some of the commuters I follow on Twitter. (They may not all travel SE) They make me laugh a lot.

"Far 2 many cocks wearing socks & sandals combo. If I see another 1 today I'll stick the fucking red & black sports stripe down their throat"
"It's here again. #dressdownfriday and I see David Blunkett and Stevie Wonder have been busy dressing the nation!"
"Someone has dropped their guts on this train. No end to the delights of commuting…."
"I sit on the train day after day and the complete and utter fuckery of some people still somehow astonishes me! Cunts the lot of em."
"I don’t care that you are continuing to do your work pal. Shift your crap off the spare seats. The train is not your bloody office."
"So Monday. We meet again. *strokes white fluffy cat*"
"Couple get off train, walk along platform hand in hand. Doors beep, she kisses him & gets back on. #pukeseverywhere #clearlynotmarried"
"The best bit about standing in the aisles of a tube is you can fart in the faces of the people who barged passed you to get a seat."
"Somewhere - in another country - a competent organisation maintains railways without signalling issues on an almost daily basis."