Rik Mayall - A Comedic Mad Man

Yesterday the world found out that Rik Mayall had died.
I am actually very sadden by this news about his death and there will be a hole where is bright comedic spark was.
This man was apart of my childhood and there is nobody like him (.. well except Adrian Edmondson).

 I remember watching the young ones and bottom when I was younger and loving how funny the characters were.

Richie: Ew, I nearly kissed you on the knob then.
There was also a film: Guest House Paradiso
Richard Twat: Ah! Good evening, Miss Carbonara.
Gina Carbonara: Good evening, Mr. Twat.
Richard Twat: It's c**t!
Young Ones
This is my favourite scene:
Kevin Turvey
He also did many other things throughout his life such as:
A tiny part in An American Werewolf in London
The Black Adder
Grim Tales
Drop Dead Fred
The New Statesman
Merlin: The Return
Shoebox Zoo
Man Down
Rik's most recent work was with fellow comedian Greg Davies in Greg's Man Down.