Song of The Day - Friday

Hello My Pretties!
It's finally Friday again and the sky's don't no whether to rain or shine today.
I was late to work this morning because my body had an epic fail and i missed my normal train. I didn't get to work to late but being late makes me have to rush around even more.
Moving on . .
An incredibly drunk woman sat next to me on the train last night, she had managed to wear most of the coffee she was holding and she was so pissed as a fart that she could barely function to talk.
"I had a reeaally good eeevening!" Drunk Lady - I looked at my watch and saw that is was not even 7pm yet, she must of been in the pub all day.
She eventually fell asleep after giving up trying to read what was on her phone screen.
Any way I might be going out tonight if i can shift my epic bodily fail and I am looking forward to it. 
Song Of The Day:
Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N' Roses
Happy Friday Everyone!
I hope you all had a fab weekend!