Song of The Day - Friday!

Another week is coming to an end and we can almost taste the evening coming as we get on with our day.
This particular weekend is exciting to me because i have two joint birthdays to attend to, yes four people will be getting prezzies out of me this weekend.
Also i only have two days of work this week because i am going to see Russel Howard at the Albert Hall on Thursday. Get in!
In other news my kitties are going for a trip to the vets today to be spade. I am sooo happy, no more yowling and meowing loudly at the tom cats on the other side of the glass door.
Song of the Day:
One Way or Another - Blondie
Bonus video :
This is the 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' version because i woke this morning with this version in my head.
Happy Friday Everyone!